A Guide to Immuno-PCR

In this presentation we will discuss how immuno-PCR draws on the advantages of both ELISA and real-time PCR, will take you through the main steps of an immuno-PCR assay, and introduce you to our Thunder-Link® PLUS technology – a quick and easy method of conjugating antibodies to oligonucleotides, making immuno-PCR considerably more accessible as a method of immunodetection.

This webinar covers the following:

  • ELISA and real time PCR – advantages, disadvantages
  • Main steps of Immuno-PCR assay
  • Introduction to Thunder-Link® PLUS oligo labeling technology
  • Our Thunder-Link PLUS oligo conjugation technology enables the simple and rapid conjugation of antibodies to oligonucleotides with high recovery of materials and a superior ckean-up procedure. Find out more about this technology here.

Custom oligonucleotide conjugation services

Both services include:

✓ Antibody clean-up prior to conjugation

✓ Removal of unbound oligo post-conjugation

✓ QC gel to demonstrate successful conjugation

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