Streptavidin conjugates

Streptavidin has an extremely high binding affinity for biotin, which can be exploited to offer a powerful secondary method of detection when the streptavidin is conjugated to a fluorescent protein, enzyme or gold nanoparticle.

Innova Biosciences offers a range of streptavidin conjugates manufactured using our world-renowned Lightning-Link® and InnovaCoat® GOLD conjugation technologies.

All of the detection labels within our range of conjugates are covalently linked to streptavidin, forming highly stable conjugates with a long shelf life.

Streptavidin conjugates offer - 2017

T&C apply: 50% discount only applicable for orders placed directly with Innova Biosciences Ltd. via our website. Discount applied at check-out. Offer valid on orders placed on or before the 3rd November 2017 at noon BST. Offer not available through distributors and re-sellers. For more information contact us.

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