Gold nanoparticle conjugation kits

InnovaCoat® GOLD nanoparticle conjugation kits enable the easy conjugation of gold nanoparticles to antibodies or proteins for use in R&D applications and for the development and manufacture of diagnostic kits.

The kits are designed for optimization purposes, for example, for the screening of potential antibodies or small scale ‘proof of principle’ studies. Please contact us if you require any additional information or to discuss your bulk or custom conjugation requirements.

Quick and easy to useSave time, no special knowledge required
Different nanoparticle sizes, concentrations and chemistries availableFlexible
Freeze driedShips at ambient temperature, long shelf-life
Fully scalableEasy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
Stringently QC testedConsistent high quality, excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
Proprietary surface coatingCovalent bond, stable conjugates formed
Covalent conjugation uses significantly less antibody than passive conjguationSave precious antibody
Uniform spherical shape and narrow size distributionBatch-to-batch consistency

Standard Vs. Orientated Labeling

The InnovaCoat® GOLD conjugation kits facilitate standard, orientated, or site specific labeling (sites which do not include the binding domain) of IgG antibodies.

Conjugation kits10nm20nm40nm60nm80nmTarget Chemistries
InnovaCoat® GOLDAmine groups
InnovaCoat® GOLD MaleimideThiol groups (Fab’, oligo)


InnovaCoat® GOLD HydrazideAldehyde groups (IgG, IgM)


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InnovaCoat® GOLD – 20OD 10nm Gold Conjugation Kits

From £143.00

10nm gold nanoparticle conjugation kit

InnovaCoat® GOLD 40nm conjugation kit

InnovaCoat® GOLD – 20OD 40nm Gold Conjugation Kits

From £131.00

40nm gold nanoparticles conjugation kit