RunBlue SDS Mini protein gel in gel cassette

RunBlue™ SDS Mini Protein Gels

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RunBlue™ SDS Mini Protein Gels are precast high resolution gels for SDS-PAGE. Their novel chemistry system and unique manufacturing process ensure very sharp bands and reproducible results. They have a range of usability enhancements such as being tear proof and comb free, and are compatible with most gel running tanks which accommodate 10x8cm cassettes.  


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- For Western Blot - HRP-based detection (ECL) pIMAGO is a universal phosphoprotein detection technology that enables sensitive and specific recognition of phosphorylated molecules. Unlike phospho-antibodies, the binding is not biased by amino acid sequence, and therefore can be used for detection of any phosphorylation event on any protein site. pIMAGO detection protocol resembles a simple Western Blot procedure and can be easily incorporated by any laboratory.