20nm Goat Anti-Mouse IgG gold conjugate (10OD)

At the core of this product is InnovaCoat® GOLD, a unique coated nanoparticle that has an avidly bound protective surface coat which can withstand the most extreme conditions (e.g. 2.5M NaOH at 70°C for ~2 hours).

The Goat Anti-Mouse IgG antibody (GAM) is irreversibly attached to the surface coat via a covalent bond. This irreversible attachment doesn’t allow the desorption of the antibody, which is a major problem with products in which the antibody is only passively adsorbed to the metal.

The InnovaCoat® GOLD conjugated to GAM antibody recognizes Mouse IgG which is often used as a primary antibody in various research applications. For this reason secondary antibody anti-mouse IgGs can be useful tools for the analysis of target proteins.

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