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Do you have a complex conjugation and haven't been able to find what you need from our range of products? Don't panic! We offer a custom labeling service - just let us know some more details about your requirements and your contact details in the below form and we will get in touch with a solution for you.

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Innova Biosciences is a rapidly growing, dynamic business based in Cambridge in the UK. We specialize in bioconjugation and nanoparticle technologies including Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® and Thunder-Link® brands, which provide easy to use kits, overcoming many of the problems associated with traditional bioconjugation. Our products are suitable for both small scale R&D applications and large scale manufacturing, and the expanding portfolio is sold to research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and diagnostic companies worldwide.

Antibody/ protein labeling

Kits for labeling antibodies and proteins with a variety of labels and oligonucleotides

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New! Antibody Conjugates

Select from our wide range of antibodies and labels to create your desired conjugate

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Gold Nanoparticles

Take a look at our extensive range of gold nanoparticles, conjugation kits and gold conjugates

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Product Ranges

We have a rapidly expanding portfolio of kits available, all designed to make conjugation reactions as easy as possible. The individual product ranges are each optimized to facilitate conjugation with a different type of label, including fluorescent dyes, gold nanoparticles, and oligonucleotides. View our product ranges to find out more.

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Wealth of Resources

We've been busy creating a variety of free resources covering a wide range of topics. See below for our collection of Technical Guides and Application pages. You can also download MSDSs and protocols for all of our products.

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