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Colloidal gold

Ultra high quality gold nanoparticles

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Colloidal Gold

Innova Biosciences colloidal gold is developed using specialized techniques that enable the production of extremely uniform spherical particles with a very narrow size distribution, minimizing variability within your assay.

Using our proprietary production protocols we can very quickly produce large quantities of gold nanoparticles, without compromising on quality. Get in touch for more information on bulk orders.

Our colloidal gold is available in various sizes, concentrations and volumes for maximum flexibility. Please select your required particle size below to view the full range of concentrations and volumes. 


10nm colloidal gold shadow


20nm colloidal gold shadow


40nm colloidal gold shadow


80nm colloidal gold shadow

UV-visible absorbance spectra

Fig. 1 UV-Vis Spectrum of Innova Biosciences’ different sizes of gold nanoparticles.

Get in touch for more information on bulk orders. 

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Bulk Quantities

We use specialized techniques that enable the quick and easy production of large quantities of gold nanoparticles, without compromising on quality. To request pricing on large quantities please get in touch.

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Innova Biosciences’ gold nanoparticles are available in many sizes, please select the option that best fits your needs:

10nm gold nanoparticles [view product]

20mn gold nanoparticles [view product]

40nm gold nanoparticles [view product]

80nm gold nanoparticles [view product]

Our scientists have developed specialized techniques to enable the quick and easy production of large quantities of gold without compromising on quality for our customers. Get in touch to request bulk pricing.


innovacoat gold kit components

Gold nanoparticle conjugation kits

InnovaCoat® GOLD is a one-step gold nano-particle conjugation kit for antibodies, proteins and peptides or any other biomolecule with an amine group. [View Product]


1. How does Innova Biosciences' colloidal gold compare to competitor products?

The quality of our gold is assessed by our strict QC test parameters and, compared to competitor’s, our gold nanoparticles have a better sphericity. The below image shows transmission electron microscopy of our gold nanoparticles versus competitor products; our nanoparticles (middle) have the most regular shape and consistent size.

colloidal gold consistent size and shape

2.. What is the shelf life of Innova Biosciences Colloidal gold?

Our gold is guaranteed to be stable for up to two years from manufacturing in an unopened bottle stored at 4⁰C. It is recommended to use the product within six months from opening.

3. What is the best storage condition?

It is recommended to store the nanoparticles at 4⁰C and use them at room temperature. Freezing must be avoided as it leads to irreversible particle aggregation and the formation of a black precipitate.

4. Is it normal for nanoparticles to settle out of solution?

Yes, this can happen especially with larger sizes (40-80nm). The particles might settle at the bottom of the bottle, leaving a clear solution. This process is reversible: the particles can be resuspended by gently inverting the bottle a few times.

5. In which buffer are the nanoparticles provided?

Our colloidal gold undergoes a buffer exchange to remove any residual manufacturing products and are suspended in citrate buffer.

6. How are the gold nanoparticles characterized?

Each batch is analysed by TEM and UV-Visible spectroscopy to ensure high quality standards. Particles specifications, such as mean size, standard deviation and coefficient of variation, are based on more than 100 single nanoparticle measurements.

7. What if I need more concentrated gold nanoparticles for my applications?

Colloidal gold can be centrifuged, but this might lead to aggregation, making it impossible to resuspend the nanoparticles. Our range includes concentrations up to 20 OD, but upon request we can also manufacture colloidal gold at a higher OD.

Please get in touch for further information.

8. What is your production scale?

We are able to manufacture colloidal gold in bulk quantities to support any scale of operation, still keeping consistent our quality standards.

Please get in touch with us for further information and to request a quote.

Colloidal gold applications


10 20 40 80
Lateral Flow       ●   Sphere
Western Blots       ●   Sphere
Dot Blots       ●   Sphere
Dark Field microscopy       ●   Sphere
DLS  ●  ●  ●  ● Sphere
Flow Cytometry  ●  ● Sphere
Electron microscopy  ●      
Metal enhanced fluorescence       ●   Sphere/flat surface
SERS       ●   Not spherical
FRET quench  ●  
Infrared phototermal therapy       ●   Rod/hollow sphere
Radiofrequency ablation       ●   Sphere
Drug delivery  ●     ●   Rod/sphere

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